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Doing more with fewer resources. That’s the new economic reality. One of the most obvious solutions for this is as old as humanity itself: sharing. Sharing materials, knowledge, skills and specialised facilities. We lived like this for centuries, and companies and organisations also shared operating resources, simply because procuring theses separately was too expensive. The fascinating development of the Internet over the past decade provided a new, powerful impulse to this old custom. This sharing revival has also grown quickly in the area of transportation: sharing cars, Uber, carpools and bikeshare systems have all become well-known phenomena.


According to the founders of Mobilock, Willem-Jan and Walter, this is not a trend but a fundamental transition in the economy, with use having become more important than possession. In addition, the daily traffic jams, the parking problems and the increasing stress on the environment prove that the world needs the use of intelligent, green transportation solutions.

It is based on the above conviction that Willem Jan Te Riele and Walter Nieuwendijk developed an innovative technology with which the greenest transportation alternative, the bike, can be shared by everyone: Mobilock. 


Mobilock is a combination of high-quality hardware and intelligent software with which every bike can be a part of a rental or bike sharing system. Simple, secure and very reliable!

Together, Willem-Jan and Walter have more than 40 years of experience with recurring business models, hospitality, green mobility and the development and operation of (new) earning models. Be it for rentals, bikeshare, the work commute or recreational applications, Mobilock can be of great value to your organisation!