For three groups of commuters

For three groups of commuters

Whether you have a small or large bicycle sharing project, Mobilock is flexible and can be used anywhere for the work commute, client visits or recreation. And it offers major benefits with regard to costs, time, employee and company health and the environment. All reasons for you - as the employer, hotel owner or bike renter - to start using Mobilock right away.

For three groups of commuters

Bike-riding employees make money: They don’t lose valuable time in traffic, don’t occupy expensive parking spots and are healthier and more productive. TNO research has proven that bike-riding employees miss one day less of work on average. So it’s worth it to encourage and reward bike riding within your organisation. Both your company and the environment benefit from this. In addition to biking to and from work, there are also rides between other companies: running errands or visiting a client. The Mobilock app turns your employees’ mobile phones into virtual bike locks. Just click on the ‘open’ button and the bike is ready for use. Simple, fast and very handy! Because Mobilock makes it possible to share bikes, you as an employer need fewer bikes to make more employees mobile: maximum mobility for minimal costs.


In short

Mobilock has many benefits for your employees. By riding a bike, your employees work towards better health and become happier. You save on travel expenses, parking facilities and absenteeism due to illness. Your organisation’s accessibility increases and you contribute to a better environment. And all that without modifications to your infrastructure.

Your benefits at a glance:


  • Unique secondary employment conditions without tax disadvantages
  • Maximum mobility for minimal costs
  • Decreased costs for absenteeism due to illness
  • Contribution to CO2 reduction
  • Conscious corporate social responsibility
  • Fewer parking spots and better accessibility

Mobilock for recreation

Lots of people enjoy riding a bike. It’s also the favourite leisure time activity of your guests. More than eight million Dutch people take a total of 200 million recreational bike rides every year! In fact, recreation is the most important reason for riding a bike for the Dutch. And more and more foreign tourists are enjoying biking in our country. In fact, this number is growing. Recreational bike riders spend about € 450 million annually when they are on the road. So bicycle rental is an appealing enterprise. But renting bikes is frequently not your core activity. Signing rental bikes in and out unnecessarily takes up a lot of time, and recording rental transactions is additional work for your administration. With Mobilock, you can provide your guests with biking enjoyment without worries or administrative hassle! That’s because, with Mobilock, bicycles are available for your guests 24/7 without the intervention of your reception staff and without any fuss with keys or passes.

Bike rental without worries

You can increase your revenue with bike rentals. What is important here is that your organisation has the least possible hassle with signing bikes in and out. Mobilock relieves you of this hassle entirely! Without the need for intervention by your staff, your guests can reserve bikes, pay for them and open the lock using a smartphone. You no longer need to worry about bike availability, recording bike use, the administrative processing and managing keys.

With Mobilock, you can use your own rental bikes. Should you not have any or your own or if you wish to provide your guests with the newest high-quality bikes, then our partners can help you acquire the most modern, comfortable bikes. We have entered into partnership with renowned Dutch bicycle manufacturers, a large number of local bike shops and bicycle mechanics. We have established special lease formats for these partnerships so that you can provide your guests with biking enjoyment without investing in rental bikes! Our partners can also perform the required maintenance and any repairs. Our advisers will gladly tell you more about this option! 

In short

Mobilock has many benefits for your guests. Your guests will enjoy excellent service and comfort and you will save on costs for staff deployment. The profitability of your activities will improve and your guests’ experience will be positively impacted. And all that without modifications to your infrastructure.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Increase guest satisfaction
  • Complete easement of administrative activities
  • No staff intervention when signing bikes in and out
  • Increased profitability
  • Real-time overviews of sales, bicycle use and availability
  • Exclusion of improper use / leakage
  • Continuous visibility of the current location of your bikes
  • Commercial overviews of duration of use and destinations
  • Reservation of bikes is done by your guests
  • Commercial possibilities through cooperation with surrounding companies and vouchers 

Mobilock for rental companies

Recreational biking in the Netherlands has been undergoing a very positive development for many years. More and more Dutch people and foreign tourists are opting for bike recreation. Bike rental has developed into an important cornerstone of the recreation sector.


Yet, demand is changing. Increasingly, people are deciding their all-day destination at the last minute. Therefore, consumers are frequently impulsive in their bike rental behaviour, renting at the most convenient location for them, such as at a hotel, campground or holiday park. But for these companies, procuring, maintaining and renting bicycles is not a core task, and in reality they are not even set up to do so.

And this presents opportunities for you as a bike rental company! But experience has shown that bike rental by third parties is often far from a seamless process. Are all the transactions recorded by the hotels, campgrounds and holiday parks? Are the bikes returned? Those are all issues that make renting your bikes at holiday accommodations less appealing for you. 


Mobilock has the solution. This is the first intelligent bike sharing system with which a fast and efficient bike rental system can be implemented - without any required investment on your part! With Mobilock, bicycles are available for all your renters 24/7 without the need for keys or passes and without the intervention of your reception staff. 


The user-friendly Mobilock consists of a combination of high-quality hardware and intelligent software. The hardware consists of a very durable, easy-to-use bike lock that is mounted in the same place as a regular bike lock. The lock is locked by hand, easily and securely, with the help of a smartphone.  


With the push of a button

Operating Mobilock is easy. Your renters simply create an account on the Mobilock website, which is accessible via your own website, or use the Mobilock app to set up the account. Your guests can then request overviews of the available bikes. Whether they want one bike or a thousand, your renters and employees will always have a complete overview of what’s available!


After creating an account, your renters can select a bike. The app helps localise the reserved bikes using Bluetooth. After the bike has been found, the number of the selected bike can be entered into the app. Your renter’s smartphone has now been turned into a secure, digital bike key, and all it takes is one push of the button for the bike lock to open and the bike is ready for use! 


During the bike ride, the bike rider can lock and unlock the bike as many times as desired. The bike is securely locked with the anti-theft Mobilock, which is made of robust steel and complies with the ART4 quality mark. At the end of the ride, the renter ends the rental period by simply locking the bike once the final destination has been reached. The app will ask whether this is a temporary stop or the end of the bike ride. In the latter case, the bike will become available to your other renters. 


With Mobilock, you can take advantage of new rental opportunities without risk. You can be sure that every bike renter will pay, because the Mobilock won’t open without payment! Mobilock also provides you with all the required management information. For every bike you will receive, an overview of the current status, the cumulative revenue, the number of times the bike was rented and the current location. You can use this information to optimise the revenue of your bicycle fleet!


Because your bike renters reserve and pay for the bikes themselves online, the hotel’s or campground’s staff loses less time signing bikes in and out, so that you can make do with a lower commission. So using Mobilock saves you time and money! Mobilock also helps you increase your service provision. Thanks to the usage frequency overview and defect reports for your bikes, you can schedule maintenance and repair quickly and efficiently. This will further increase the quality of your services, which will only be to the benefit of your sales figures.


Transparent and easy backoffice

With Mobilock, you prevent fraud and leakage. When third parties rent your bikes, you will be secure in the knowledge that Mobilock is administering the bike use. No longer will you have to deal with unclear or missing vouchers - instead you will get a current online overview of all the payments.  You can set up the backoffice exactly as you wish. This way, you yourself can determine whether or not you want to offer hourly rentals, what the starting and ending locations are and what the rates are. Do you want to receive a security deposit for some bikes before they are rented? No problem, this is easy to set up in the backoffice.

Visitors to your website also benefit from Mobilock. Renters have a complete overview of the available bikes and can reserve them online. 


Rapid expansion of cooperation

With Mobilock, you can professionally expand your commercial cooperation with hotels and other holiday accommodations. The companies with which you work can easily offer your bikes to their guests. For them, this means an excellent extra service for their guests for which they don’t need to free up any (hotel) staff and for you, this means more revenue. Thanks to Mobilock, you can find out precisely whether the bikes placed with one of your partners are enough to meet demand and can place more or fewer bikes based on this information.


Optimisation of your investments

Figures are important to you as an entrepreneur. For this reason, we would like to work out your options together with you! For example, we would be happy to tell you more about the following during a no-obligation consultation:

  • Optimisation of your rental revenue
  • Increase of your revenue
  • Prevention of fraud and data leakage
  • Real-time overviews of availability
  • Overviews of the current location of parked bikes
  • Commercial cooperation with hotels, campgrounds, holiday parks and other holiday accommodations
  • Creation of added-value
  • Bike sharing
  • Health
  • Profitability
  • Asset management
  • Overview
  • Rental income
  • Sales
  • Optimisation
  • Cooperation
  • Commercial
  • Holiday accommodations
  • Rental opportunities
  • Management information
  • Bicycle rental company
  • Employer
  • Company bike
  • User-friendly
  • MVO


Please contact us and we will be glad to answer your questions.