The system The system

A unique mobility system

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s a waste of time and costs lots of money. Cycling is a healthy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. How handy would it be if your employees and visitors with a smartphone could simply pick up a bike and share it with others? With Mobilock, this is possible! Mobilock uses an app that gives users access to a bike - or an bike park, if you wish.

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How does it work?
How does it work? How does it work?

With one push of the button

Imagine picking up a bike and being on your merry way without having to use a bike key. You can with a Mobilock bike, which can be ‘unlocked’ with a push of a button through an app on your smartphone. In essence, you have a virtual bike key. It’s ‘open sesame’ and off you go.

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The lock The lock

The crucial lock

Nowadays we do everything with our smartphone: pay, check in and out to public transport, navigate and now rent a bike as well. That’s because Mobilock came about by combining the new possibilities of the smartphone with ‘old-fashioned’ durability. A super-strong combination of hard steel and state-of-the-art technology.

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For whom? For whom?

For three groups of commuters

Whether you have a small or large bicycle sharing project, Mobilock is flexible and can be used anywhere for the work commute, client visits or recreation. And it offers major benefits with regard to costs, time, employee and company health and the environment. All reasons for you - as the employer, hotel owner or bike renter - to start using Mobilock right away.

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Facts & figures Facts & figures Facts & figures Facts & figures Facts & figures Facts & figures Facts & figures

Biking is making money

Question: What can we do to avoid losing time and looking for a parking spot? Answer: Grab the bike. Not just any bike, but a Mobilock bike, because it’s available 24/7 and can easily be shared with others. It’s an alternative that benefits not only the bike rider but the company as well.

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Innovation Innovation

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The mobility solution of the future: an easy, secure and reliable bike sharing system. An enduring mobility revolution with lots of advantages for you. We worked on it for four years. With Mobilock as the result. High-quality hardware and intelligent software, resistant to weather and wind and applicable anywhere.

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Security Security

Security first

An estimated 500,000 to 750,000 bikes are stolen annually in the Netherlands. Thanks to the combination of a steel lock with chain and a virtual bike lock, Mobilock makes stealing a bike practically impossible. Thieves cannot open the lock with their usual toolbox. So the bike is securely locked when you leave it. Hello, bicycle. Goodbye thief.

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Sustainability Sustainability

Green, greener, greenest

Be it a recreational bike ride or a commute to catch the train or bus, Mobilock makes sure that everyone can get a bike anywhere and at any time. This is how Mobility promotes sustainable mobility. This benefits not only people’s health and the environment, but also you as an entrepreneur. Because by encouraging bicycle traffic, you are contributing to a greener world.

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Vision Vision

Think differently, do differently

Doing more with fewer resources. That’s the new economic reality. One of the most obvious solutions for this is as old as humanity itself: sharing. This is not a trend but a fundamental transition in the economy, with use having become more important than possession. Mobilock was developed based on this conviction.

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Hello World

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