With one push of the button

With one push of the button

Imagine picking up a bike and being on your merry way without having to use a bike key. You can with a Mobilock bike, which can be ‘unlocked’ with a push of a button through an app on your smartphone. In essence, you have a virtual bike key. It’s ‘open sesame’ and off you go.

How does it work?

Operating Mobilock is super easy. Your employees or guests simply create an account on the Mobilock website or Mobilock app. Then they can reserve a bike 24/7 either on the website or through the app.


After selecting the desired departure time, an overview is displayed of the available bikes at the various locations. The employee or guest can select a bike and location from this overview. Mobilock confirms this selection and makes a reservation. Using the app or website, the employee or guest can quickly find his/her reserved bike. Once at the bike parking lot, the Mobilock app finds the reserved bike. After the bike has been found, your employee or guest enters the number of the selected bike in the app. The user’s smartphone has now been turned into a secure digital bike lock. He/she can now open Mobilock with one push of the button and be off! 


During the bike ride, your employee or guest can open and close the bike lock as often as desired. Once the bike has been locked, it’s secure. That’s because the Mobilock is made of robust steel and complies with the strictest requirements. When locking the bike, the app will ask whether this is a temporary stop or the end of the bike ride. In the latter case, the bike will become available to other riders.


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