Rome wasn’t built in a day

Rome wasn’t built in a day

The mobility solution of the future: an easy, secure and reliable bike sharing system. An enduring mobility revolution with lots of advantages for you. We worked on it for four years. With Mobilock as the result. High-quality hardware and intelligent software, resistant to weather and wind and applicable anywhere.


The Mobilock team specialises in developing and operating innovative bike-related mobility solutions. Our team is comprised of professionals with a passion for green mobility and has a great deal of experience with bike sharing systems around the globe. It is this international experience that formed the foundation for the development of Bikeshare 6.0: Mobilock!


For almost four years, the team worked on a combination of software and hardware that is resistant to weather and wind, which works under all conditions and can be used anywhere. 


Mobilock distinguishes itself by its simplicity. By using the newest technology, we succeeded in developing a very cost-effective and user-friendly mobility system. Mobilock is also the ideal solution for bike rental and bike sharing systems. Because Mobilock uses smartphone technology and the lock is placed on the bike, investment in an expensive infrastructure is not necessary! 


The revolutionary Mobilock approach creates numerous opportunities for companies and organisations to make employees, tourists, passers-by and commuters mobile in a green, secure and intelligent manner.


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