Security first

Security first

An estimated 500,000 to 750,000 bikes are stolen annually in the Netherlands. Thanks to the combination of a steel lock with chain and a virtual bike lock, Mobilock makes stealing a bike practically impossible. Thieves cannot open the lock with their usual toolbox. So the bike is securely locked when you leave it. Hello, bicycle. Goodbye thief.


Many thefts happen because bike locks are of inadequate quality or due to incorrect use of locks. Mobilock uses encoded digital keys. Due to this, the lock has no mechanical operation in the form of a key and lock cylinder. Passkeys, wrenches and the oft-used lock-pickers thus have no effect on the Mobilock.

In addition, Mobilock is made of hardened tool steel. Because the lock’s outer shell is made up of one piece, it is stronger and more resistant to attempted theft. But a lock on the rear wheel only counts for half for a thief. If a bike is locked but isn’t attached to anything, the thief can easily pick it up and take it with him. That’s why Mobilock has a hardened steel chain with a diameter of no less than 7 mm on the locking pin. Using the Mobilock chain, the bike rider can tightly attach the bike to a pole or sturdy gate up to 50-70 cm off of the ground. This is important because it’s twice as easy for a thief to cut through a chain using bolt cutters if he can place the pliers on the ground with a stand. 


Thanks to the steel and the thickness of the material, a saw or bolt cutters don’t help the thief and the bike remains there where it was placed by the rider.


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