Green, greener, greenest

Green, greener, greenest

Be it a recreational bike ride or a commute to catch the train or bus, Mobilock makes sure that everyone can get a bike anywhere and at any time. This is how Mobility promotes sustainable mobility. This benefits not only people’s health and the environment, but also you as an entrepreneur. Because by encouraging bicycle traffic, you are contributing to a greener world.


More bikes means cleaner air in our own environment. Passenger cars that run on gas, diesel or LPG emit particulates and nitrous oxides. This applies to all modes of transportation with a combustion engine. Unfortunately, nitrous oxides and particulates are a major contributor to smog. It is well-known that smog causes acute respiratory problems and that nitrous oxides irritate the eyes, nose and throat. These are all strong arguments to decrease car use. But how?


Actually, the answer is clear. For example, if we all replace our short work commutes (up to 7.5 km) by biking, this will prevent emissions of (an estimated) 300-900 tonnes of nitrous oxides, 20-60 tonnes of particulates and 100-300 tonnes of sulphur dioxide. That’s worth it! Mobilock wants to help you contribute to a greener world.


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