The crucial lock

The crucial lock

Nowadays we do everything with our smartphone: pay, check in and out to public transport, navigate and now rent a bike as well. That’s because Mobilock came about by combining the new possibilities of the smartphone with ‘old-fashioned’ durability. A super-strong combination of hard steel and state-of-the-art technology.

The lock

The Mobilock is a high-quality bike lock that complies with the strictest testing requirements. By using encoded digital codes, a physical bike lock is no longer necessary. The lock opens with one push of a button on the mobile phone. Locking the Mobilock is equally easy! Simply place the locking pin into the opening of the lock until the locking pick snaps shut. Secure without looking back.


The power of Mobilock resides in its simplicity. The combination of the hardened steel lock parts, the massive locking pin plus the 7 mm thick chain and high-tech electronics make Mobilock a security lock that is ideally suited for daily use under all circumstances.


Mobilock is powered by a battery pack that is safely hidden in the steel-hard shell. The battery pack provides sufficient energy for at least three years or some 9,000 lock openings. That’s how Mobilock makes bike use possible for everyone! 


Mobilock: software, hardware, anywhere.


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