A unique mobility system

A unique mobility system

No one likes being stuck in traffic. It’s a waste of time and costs lots of money. Cycling is a healthy, cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative. How handy would it be if your employees and visitors with a smartphone could simply pick up a bike and share it with others? With Mobilock, this is possible! Mobilock uses an app that gives users access to a bike - or an bike park, if you wish.

The system

Sharing bikes using a smartphone

Sharing bikes with others without dealing with (lost) bike keys or bike passes. Whether you want to share just one bike or a thousand. Mobilock makes it possible thanks to a combination of high-quality hardware and intelligent software. The hardware consists of a super-strong, easy-to-use bike lock that is mounted in the same place as a regular bike lock. The bicyclist manually locks the Mobilock bike using a locking pin that he/she snaps into place. Mobilock is easily opened using a smartphone. All you have to do is push a button. In short: with Mobilock, your employees and guests can use the bike (of others) 24/7.


Mobilock: for you and your employees

Despite all of the available traffic apps, there are still hundreds of thousands of us who are stuck in traffic every day. The resulting costs are enormous; for the economy, our personal well being and the environment. But we don’t all have to be stuck in traffic. Research has shown that about 48% of the working population lives less than 15 km from their workplace. Of this population, 78% still uses some type of motorised vehicle to commute to work. And all this despite the fact that parking, parking facilities, fuel, maintenance and lease and depreciation costs amount to some hefty bills, for you and/or your employees. Luckily, there is a cost-effective, clean and healthy alternative: the bicycle! Mobilock makes it very inexpensive and easy for you and your employees to grab the bike instead of the car or moped. You don’t even have to search for the bike key! What’s more, lots of bikes sit still during the work day, possibly resulting in an overflowing bike parking lot. Mobilock offers a solution for this problem as well: the unique Mobilock concept facilitates bike sharing. You need fewer bikes, and the bikes aren’t standing around unused and in the way most of the time.


Mobilock: for you and your guests

Biking in one’s leisure time is very popular. Just think of many bike junctions and “mushroom signs” that provide directions for bicycle riders. More than eight million Dutch people take a total of 200 million recreational bike rides every year! In fact, recreation is the most important reason for riding a bike for the Dutch. And more and more foreign tourists are enjoying biking in our country - with the number growing steadily every year. Recreational bike riders spend about € 450 million annually when they are on the road. So bicycle rental is an appealing enterprise. That’s why bikes are rented at many locations throughout the Netherlands. But renting bikes is frequently not your core activity. Signing rental bikes in and out unnecessarily takes up a lot of time,  and recording rental transactions is additional work for your administration. With Mobilock, you can provide your guests with biking enjoyment without worries or administrative hassle!


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