Biking is making money

Facts & figuresFacts & figures
Question: What can we do to avoid losing time and looking for a parking spot? Answer: Grab the bike. Not just any bike, but a Mobilock bike, because it’s available 24/7 and can easily be shared with others. It’s an alternative that benefits not only the bike rider but the company as well.

Facts & figures

Recent research shows that, in order to be happy at work, we should get there by bicycle. Employees who commute by bike also appear to be happier than those who take public transport or walk, even though their travel time is equally long. According to the researchers, how employees commute says a lot about the way in which they deal with their work. Bike riders like a flexible work schedule and like to work from home. About 41% of bike riders find this important, compared to 35% of non-bike riders. Some 70% of bike riders find it important to live close to their workplace, compared to 50% of employees who commute using public transport. By encouraging bike riding amongst your employees, you make a positive contribution to decreasing illness-related absence within your organisation. That’s because people who regularly bike to work have a lower risk of all sorts of illnesses, such as cardiovascular disease and obesity. An additional benefit is that people who get regular exercise generally feel more vital and are therefore more productive.  

Happy and healthy people simply perform better

Research has shown that regular bike riders miss significantly fewer days at work per year than non-bike riders: an average of 7.4 days per year (bike riders) compared to 8.7 days per year (non-bike riders). Moreover, the amount of missed days is lower the more frequently the bike is ridden and the greater the distance. The TNO estimates that if the number of Dutch workers who ride their bikes to work increases by merely 1%, regularly biking to work will yield a savings of approximately € 27 million for employers.


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